Former Mixmeister user - issues with beatgrid, layout & channels

Hi - like many have said, this is a nice find after Mixmeister been defunct. Been trying the software now for a bit and I like it, but noticing some issues however.

  1. Noticing I have to zoom in quite a lot in order to see & edit the beatgrid for each track I load in, is this possible this could be improved? If by any chance, could this be viewable no matter how much/little I zoom in, so I can better see when I need to fix things?

  2. Looks nice perhaps for some with seeing the carousel of tracks loaded in the top, but it does nothing for me. Is it possible to get this turned off, so I can expand the view for the wavelength of track and have better view editing how I like a mix to be? Even better, could it be possible to have a small window for the playlist, similar to Mixmeister, so I don't have to jump between two sections and just have one overview to work in?

  3. Also, would it possible to have more than two channels? I tend to mix Drum & Bass, so having extra channels for example setting a double drop or similar would be amazing to have.

I really do hope this software can be the new replacement for Mixmeister and what it did, but until things are fixed, I will need to wait with purchasing a license.

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πŸ’‘ Feature Request


19 days ago


Niklas Axelsson

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