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Creating a simple way add missing artwork without going to a subscreen.

How about creating a simple way to quickly google search & add missing artwork to Mp3 and making an improved MetaBliss program into Dj.Studio for better crate and meta-data management. For example:How about developing an improved MetaBliss build into DJ.Studio.For example, If I am missing album artwork, I can just click on the missing artwork without having to go to a sub-screen:and then a google search would take place for missing artwork options like this:So then the correct artwork could be added to Mp3s,... and have additional options like this added for better file/crate management and an improved tag editor like this:VOTE YES TO HAVE THIS IMPLEMENTED!!!THANK YOU

Oscar Castro 2 days ago

💡 Feature Request

Mp4 imported Data from Mixed in Keys

Hey, I report a problem to Mixed In Keys today regarding there file database. They are having a problem keeping Mp4 tag updates current. Also, I removed a lot of tracks from their database and they keep on reappearing. They replied to me that they don't support mp4 files. I thought you should know. I'm switching to Virtual Dj for managing my mp4 file to use with Dj Studio starting today. I am adding the information I received today from Mixed In Key:Hi,Thanks for sending your information.First, you mentioned you are using some .mp4 files - mp4 is a video format, not audio, and it isn't supported in our MIK10 software.We recommend converting .mp4 files to .mp3 prior to processing.  You can try convert ing with a free app such as iTunes.Second, you mentioned you are storing some of your music on an external drive. Mixed in Key does best when the digital song files are present on the local  drive and doesn't always work well with cloud or external storage.Mixed in Key maybe good for hormonic data, but it's extremely slow and buggy. They also expect Dj/VJs to put all there music files in the main drive. Haha, my new Mac mini will slow down to a crawl if I put all my music files on the main drive in order to use their software. Just thought you should know since you are recommending them as one of softwares to use for file management. RonFlix Media Entertainment

Ron 2 days ago

💡 Feature Request